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Thank you for your interest in Sweet Bear Bait & Supplies, please feel free to fully engage in our website. We don't hide anything including the secrets that every bear hunter needs to know that will enable themselves to harvest that black bear of a life time. Our goal is to see you have a successful hunt!


Sweet Bear Bait and Supplies is Canada's largest bear bait supply wholesaler, supplying everything from sweet concentrated scent attractants to licorice, chocolate chip cookie dough, gummie candy, assorted pie fillings, caramel and cake frostings and so much more.  Sweet Bear Bait and Supplies manufactures a bear bait specially designed to bring bears in and keep them coming back for more, Alpha Pellets.

TJ Alpha Mix is Canada's "Number 1 Supplier" for Whitetail Mineral, Deer Feed, Deer Attractants, Bull Mineral, and Foodplot Seed.  TJ Alpha Mix has deer mineral that drives whitetail literally crazy.  The mineral helps with doe & fawn growth, antler growth, pre & post-ruts to give the deer the minerals and vitamins they require daily.  We have a brand new deer Attractant that the deer literally dig to China for!!  Many of our hunters have harvested many bucks using our minerals and attractants during the rut season.  We are on Instagram @TJALPHMIX  Contact us for more information we would love to talk whitetail hunting with you!!

We Are Here To Help You Harvest Big Game.  Team Apsley, Into The Wild With Josh & Kayla, The Real Sierra Hunting, and Robert Archambault has joined SBBS Team to test our products and share their success with hunters.  They Would Love to Share Hunting Stories & Ideas With You! 


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Daily Updates of Product Can Be Found At or Click On One Of The Pictures Below To View Our Facebook Store Page.

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