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 We love what we do


We are a family owned business. Bear Hunting has been a part of our family for many years. I have hunted for over 30 years.


Bear hunting has been one of my favorite past times learning and experiencing the behaviors of a massive wild creature such as the Black Bear.  Black Bears are amazing to watch in their own environment and Black Bear Hunting is an exciting experience every hunter needs to try.

Over the years I have tried to save on cost of baiting, fuel, bait barrels, etc.  I finally realized the secret to baiting bears.  The secret is the right bear bait mix brings in huge massive bears.  Bears will fight to claim a bait site!


The Secret is “Sweets”


Absolutely Amazing Results!  Bears Have A Sweet Tooth!  Bears Cannot Resist The Chance To Taste The Sweetness Added to Tree Branches, The Ground, Logs, Etc.


Bears are known for their “Sweet Tooth” Bears will always come back for more when there is sweetness added to the bait!


Do you often wonder how Outfitters keep the bears coming?


Answer: “SWEETS”


Outfitters add fillers in their bait. Then sweets are mixed in to entice the bear with their sweet tooth. The bears will claim the bait and return often to fill their cravings!


If you have a question or would like to make an order, please let us know!


Safe & Happy Hunting!


Sincerely, SBBS 

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