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SBBS proudly sponsors and supports the following partners:
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Treestand Emergency Descender System


We Won't Leave Your Hanging!


Each year, over 6,000 hunters are injured while hunting in a treestand. Falling from a treestand is more common than most hunters like to admit, which is why the popularity of treestand safety harnesses has dramatically risen. However, serious injuries and even death can still occur while wearing a safety harness.


The TreeStand Wingman™ is designed to protect you from compression injuries and suspension trauma sustained from a treestand fall by safely lowering you to the ground in a smooth, controlled manner even if you are unconscious! Simply secure the TreeStand Wingman™ to any TMA approved treestand safety harness and you drastically reduce your risk of injury and even death should you fall.


Why TreeStand Wingman™?

  • Substantially lowers risk of compression injuries with smooth, controlled descent.

  • Greatly reduces risk of suspension trauma by automatically lowering hunter to ground, even if unconscious.

  • Reduces impact force by 66% over standard lanyard systems associated with a hunter safety harness.

  • Fall rate (speed) is fully adjustable

  • Meets OSHA 1926.502 and ANSI Z351 Safety Standards.

  • Can be reused. Once deployed, simply rethread and use it again.

  • Works for hunters from 70 Lbs up to 300 Lbs.

  • Unit weighs ONLY 1.4 Lbs.

TOGETHER we can support those with Cerebral Palsy


WILD FOR HOPE Sportsman’s Gala Fundraiser


This fundraiser was created to serve two purposes, to raise money for my son Jase’s needs (both present and future) but to also assist families going through similar situations who are not able to afford many of the different pieces of adaptive equipment designed to assist those with Cerebral Palsy (adaptive equipment for special needs individuals is tremendously expensive).


My son Jase, was born 14 weeks premature weighing only 813 grams. Being born so prematurely, Jase was so fragile that his mother was not able to hold her new baby boy for over a month (it was 3 months before I held him for the first time).  After spending 119 days in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, we were finally able to come home. 


Unfortunately, a few months later, we received more devastating news. As a result of suspected fungal meningitis while in the NICU, Jase was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP), accompanied by severe hearing loss in both ears (a common result of meningitis). 


Now 4, Jase has been equipped with bi-lateral cochlear implants to assist with his hearing (his speech has been delayed due to the inability to hear for the first two years of his life) and requires 24 hour care due to the severity of his CP.  Jase’s form of CP seems to be focused around his core strength and motor skills (he is continuously moving his arms and legs resulting in poor control).  Due to his disability, Jase is unable to crawl, sit up, roll over, feed himself, etc.  As a result, the financial burden for the tremendously expensive equipment and care (both present and future) are extremely worrisome to us as a family.


While the majority of the proceeds will go directly to Jase’s Registered Disability Savings Account, we have decided that we want to assist other families going through similar situations who are not in a financial position to purchase many of these critical pieces of equipment.  Our goal is to take a percentage of the money raised and purchase some additional adaptive equipment and simply give it to families in need.

Digout Skulls n Cutts located in Wainfleet, Ontario. 

SBBS APPROVED!!  Awesome Service & Skill!!

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