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Pam Bentley, Fall Bear Hunt, October 20, 2017

I was privileged to be able to return to a friends house this fall to bear hunt. Plan was for me to arrive have a shower then go hunt, so within an hour of my arrival off we went. We went to the “shack” and got set up while watching her husband check the bait and top up etc. He tossed around some popcorn for which i helped later to pop. which by the way smelled soooo good no wonder the bears love it. it was sweetened with flavoured oil from Sweet Bear Bait. After her hubby left i was thinking this is going to be awhile…..but within 1/2 hour my friend and mentor points out a bear coming in. This bear was named Alpha Boy. He did a lap around the bait site and then went straight for the Alpha barrel.He went around the barrel, laid down and was loving that Alpha barrel. after about 15 mins he stood up and gave me a great broadside shot. Successful 1st and not the last bear hunt for me.

Pam Bentley, St.Thomas, Ontario


Rick Picard, Fall Bear Hunt September 27, 2017


SSBS sweets, feeds & attractants helped me harvest my first bear. It was an amazing experience. They kept hitting the bait site day after day, just couldn't get enough. Can't wait to try some more of the multiple products offered from these guys next year!!!


I'd like to thank Brent Colijn for the help and quick response time!!! 

Rick Picard, Timmins, ON


Brysen Markins, Fall Bear Hunt

September 13, 2017


Brysen Arrived At Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort On September 13th.  He Was In The Stand For 3pm.  Shot This Beautiful Ontario Black Bear At 7:30pm.  Many Thanks To Dan & Cindy Walton For Their Excellent Guiding Service!  Thanks To SBBS For The Exceptional Alpha Pellets & Sweets!

Brysen Markins, Southern Ohio


Steve Button, Spring Bear Hunt 

June 15, 2017


This is a 250 lb boar I got in New Brunswick coming into bait full of sweets from SBBS.


Thanks Brent


Stephanie Frappier, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 04, 2017


We had this boar on our bait for 3 weeks off and on with no established pattern other than he was nocturnal with zero trail cam pics during legal shooting hours. We talked to Brent and decided to try something new from SBBS and sprinkled 6ozs of Anise Powder on rotten logs and stumps around the bait. That night this big boy came strolling in at 915 pm leaving us with 30 minutes of legal shooting light. My crossbow sent an arrow through both lungs and the bear died 20 yards behind the bait! 


Stephanie Frappier, Timmins, ON

In The Crosshairs Hunting Tv

stacy keks.jpg

Stacy Skaggs, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 04, 2017


Residing in Michigan means I need to hunt through an outfitter in Ontario. I took this great sow with Kammoe and Sons Outfitters in Timmins, but used SBBS products to give me an edge. The first thing the bears hit was the donut icing and sprinkles I placed on top of the barrel and it also opened up their vitals when they stood up against the barrel to eat the sweets on top. I used the blueberry scent to entice them in and cover my own scent...this stuff just plain works!


Stacy Skaggs

In The Crosshairs Hunting Tv


Serge Chretien, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 26, 2017


Young spring bear harvested thanks to the help of SBBS Alpha Bait and Blueberry Scent. Bear came in with his nose up in the air. These products work! The staff is amazing! Thank you Brent Colijn and Shannon Parks on all the help! A+ service, A+ products!


Will definitely be buying again!

Timmins, ON


Jim Way, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 07, 2017


You can't go wrong with SBBS sweets and feeds.  They have awesome bear attractant and keep bears coming back for more.  It only took four days for my baits to be hit after I set up my baits.  I had numerous bears coming in day and night.  The products helped me harvest a great bear this spring.  I will continue using SBBS products as long as I hunt bears. Thanks for the awesome products and keep up the excellent job!

North Of Belleville


Arden Moore, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 17, 2017


We had not seen a bear in daylight from the stand or on trail camera in the first two weeks of the spring bear hunt. That changed when we switched our bait up and went with the Alpha Bear Bait Pellets from SBBS. Within 2 days we shot this beautiful boar with 30 mins of daylight left and we have been getting 50/50 daylight/ nighttime pics on the trail camera ever since! If you want the upper hand SBBS is the ticket! 

Arden Moore - Timmins, ON

In The Crosshairs Hunting TV


Joe Moore, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 27, 2017


I have been a bear hunter for 12 years and have been lucky enough to take four Boone and Crockett bears over the last 5 years. I have become obsessed with taking mature bears and the one thing chasing these giants has taught me is that competition draws them in. The Alpha Bear Bait Pellets paired with mixed sweets from SBBS will bring the big boys running. This bait draws them in and keeps them coming back for more and turns nocturnal bears into daytime snackers! I had this bear on trail camera for a week and a half at anywhere from 2am -5am and no trail cam pictures during daylight hours. I switched up to Alpha Pellets/sweet and guess who came in with 15 minutes of shooting light left  giving me a beautiful quartering away shot and my arrow flew true.  SBBS makes an amazing product that the bears cannot resist and the proof is in the freezer! 

Joe Moore - Timmins, ON

In The Crosshairs Hunting TV


Eves Guiding Service, Lance Eves

January 25, 2017


Big Bears Are Not Luck!  SBBS Bait Is Awesome!!

brian wall.jpg

Leah Macleod & Amanda Stanley, Spring Black Bear Hunt

May 28, 2016

Thanks SBBS For Producing Such Great Bear Bait!  You Definitely Helped Us With Our 1st Harvest. 


The Creme Cheese Was A Big Hit!

edited darron.png

Jaron Broome, Spring Bear Hunt 

June 15, 2016

Jaron Received His PAL and Hunting License Two Days Before 2016 Spring Bear Hunt Closed.  Won The SBBS Bear Bait Prize From Chesher's Outdoor Store In Belleville.  Jaron Decided To Try Hunting For The Very 1st Time On The Last Day Of The Spring Bear Hunt.  Jaron Baited With Alpha, White Cake Icing, and Cream Cheese Frosting.  WOW!!  1st Time Bear!  Congratulations Jaron!! 


This Bear Loved The Alpha & The Sweets!!!


Shannon Parks, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 23, 2016

Shannon Harvest this Beautiful Black Bear at 515Lbs.  Skull is a Green Score of 18 13/18" 


This Bear Loved The Alpha!!


Rob Fox, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 19, 2016

Amazing SBBS Products!!  First Bear Harvested! 


Thanks SBBS!


Dave Webster, Spring Bear Hunt 

May 13, 2016

Alpha Worked Like A Charm Again!  Hunt Lasted 45 Min. Last Night!!


Jamie Laurin, Fall Bear Hunt 

October 05, 2015

SBBS ALFA Bait did the trick! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I'll be back for more this year.

Barrie, ON

kevin wood.JPG

Kevin Wood,

Spring Bear Hunt 2018

Sweet Bear Bait Supplies are the best in the business, there knowledgeable staff help me attract bears for two years specially getting a count on how many bears that are in my area, but this year, it’s better sweet victory with this monster of a bear, using Sweet Bear Bait Supplies


Cooper Taylor

Spring Bear Hunt 2019

Ken at Albert's Sports in Timmins, ON recommended your products and I'm happy he did.  Keep Up The Good Work!

Cooper used Intense Blueberry Scent, Anise Powder, and Alpha Pellets!

Beau Pollock

Spring Bear Hunt 2019

Orillia, ON


So me and a good buddy Tom where hunting over near Orillia, ON and we had went out twice the first day we sat from 5pm till end of legal light and just when we got up to leave one huge black bear and a smaller black bear came in so we just sat and waited for a while. 


I go home all happy I seen my first bear while hunting I'm guessing because he uses SBBS Bait he has way more luck cuz it works great compared to popcorn or dog food. 


I come back the next day at six pm and we are sitting and waiting.  Around 7pm this sweet looking cinnamon bear comes in and I'm getting all exited and Toms telling me to wait, but we also had a honey burn on and this bear licks it and burns his tonge and runs off.  We could still see him and he comes back 5 minutes later to lick it again so he burns his tonge starts kinda running and i stopped him and shot the bear i got a double lung shot with a 12g slug about 15 to 20 yards away so he just dropped it was so much fun I'm gonna have to start buying bait from SBBS if i wanna shoot bear like that again


Bryan Bindel

Spring Bear Hunt 2019

Atikokan, ON

Brent Colijn was awesome before my trip to Ontario. A lot of messenger exchanges and he had my supplies at the resort when I arrived.  We filled our tags using his sprays and had some big bears hitting daily!


Thanks for an awesome product and customer service!!


Stavros Hanze

Spring Hunt 2019

Quebec, Canada


He came in & went right for the Anise Powder.  He didn't even look at the barrel.  Put arrow in him while sniffing the log.

Thanks SBBS for the advice!

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