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Pro Staff

Shannon Parks

Hello my name is Shannon Parks and currently living in south western Ontario. I have lived most of my life in Eastern and Northern Ontario however my job as a Police Officer moves myself and family around. 


I have always been a huge fan and enthusiast of the outdoors. I was brought up living on a farm and love everything about it especially the family time.  With a huge family we all love our time at the family hunt camp to enjoy the outdoors bonding time.


I have been extremely fortunate to be very successfully in the outdoor hunting industry. I'm currently a ProStaff member with BloodyWaterBoyz "BWB", Adrenal and Sweet Bear Bait Suppiles "SBBS".


I have been using SBBS supplies for the past 3 years and cannot say enough about these baits. I was fortunate to be introduced to these baits and have never looked back.


I've been extremely successful in taking three BC record black bears the past 3 years and owe it all to SBBS alpha pellets.


As an outdoors person I love trying new things in the hunting industry but will not support something that doesn't work. SBBS is an honest, reliable, hard working, truthful and dedicated company and the product speaks for itself.

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Michele Vardy

My name is Michele Vardy and I currently reside in Central Ontario. I was introduced to hunting and everything outdoors by my husband, my mentor. I first tried bear meat after my husband’s moose hunting group shot a nuisance bear. We prepared it for the first time, put it side by side with moose steak and had guests for dinner. The bear steak was a hit with all of us. This started my obsession with bear hunting. My husband, a life long hunter, was not a bear hunter so this was a journey I started in my own. I quickly learned that bears are smart, cautious and confident. The thrill of watching bears is something I will never tire of. I was able to harvest a number of fall bears and with the trial return of the spring bear hunt I wanted to amp up my baiting game and that’s when I found SBBS and Brent’s Alpha Bait. My first spring bear was 375 lbs. I had just finished spraying Anise scent and he came in, nose in the air. A huge thrill for me is taking out other new bear hunters, especially fellow women hunters. We generally harvest 5-7 bears off of my single bait site every year and it is thanks to the products and advise from SBBS.


Steve Larkin

I am an avid whitetail deer hunter, black bear, turkey hunter, upland / waterfowl hunter as well as rabbit hunter.


Born and raised in a small farming community in Eastern Ontario – Almonte.


I am mostly a bow hunter but occasionally pick up a rifle, I have spent the past 40 + years studying and honing my skills as it relates to woodsmanship and hunting.


It wasn’t until maybe 15 years ago I became interested in hunting black bear, my first bear harvested was with a traditional Fred Bear Grizzly recurve I had purchased at a yard sale, I master the long bow by instinct shooting with solo pin and no finger release or aids.


The thrill was intoxicating and have continued to pursue the animal ever since.


I am a lifelong member of North American Big Game Hunting Association, Ontario Federation of Angling and hunting as well National Wild Turkey Federation.


I am very excited beyond words to have the opportunity to become part of a great group of people at SBBS, please feel free to contact me with any questions if I don’t know the answer, I most certainly will get you one.


“When a hunter is in a tree stand with high moral values and with the proper hunting ethics and richer for the experience, that hunter is 20 feet closer to God"

--Fred Bear

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